Pastor Ordination

On Feb,11th Grace Arabic church celebrate Pastor maher Ordination. “We are new, yes,” Said commented. “But we have a vision; we have a goal to reach out to the community three times this yea[MF1] r. Already, this Valentine’s day, my church members and I wanted to share Jesus’ love in a creative way—in a way that was pretty and printed, wrapped and full of love.” Grace Arabic Church, which officially launched January 14, 2017, saw 150 attendees at their first worship service. “It appears there is a great need for Arabic churches in Canada,” Said noted. “I had no idea. God called me to do this, to plant an Arabic church, through my sister. One day, she called me and said, ‘I think God needs to use you as a church planter.’”

Grace Arabic Church

CALGARY, AB, Canada—If passerbyers at Calgary’s two train stations receive a bouquet of sunflowers with a chocolate tied to a “Jesus loves you” note, Maher Said is likely responsible. The church planter and pastor of Grace Arabic Church in Calgary, Alberta is constantly looking for ways to reach the community for Christ.

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